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thank you. will: hey. check this out. so cassandra and i broke up, right? yeah, she's in there, she's just totally irrational. i mean, it's... sorry. um... will: yeah... listen, um... will: no, it's-it's... i mean, it's not your fault. right. no. um... hey, come on, roomie! we gotta get up early. oh, it's starting... now? tonight? why...? emily: like i said: you're constantly blindsided. captioning sponsored by toyota captioned by media access group at wgbh
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you're watching cbs 5 eyewitness news on the cw. a new search in an unsolved bay area kidnapping from almost 30 years ago. the bay area home that investigators dug up. >> crazy questions, even crazier answers. it is super bowl media day. >> sounds like he went too far to get into character. how steve jobs in a movie made
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ashton kutcher sick. super bowl media day. reporters from around the world, including one guy dressed as a superhero asking questions. cbs 5 sports director, with just one of those people. he joins us from outside the superdome. dennis, what's your favorite color? >> reporter: well, i would definitely say my favorite color is gold tonight. it was a super bowl media day. i had my first alligator burger, and as you mentioned, you got super football players, you got supermodels and superman. if it's tuesday, it is media day at the super bowl. vern glenn takes us inside the dome. >> where are you from? >> i'm from mexico. i'm from mexico. now i'm covering my super bowl. >> welcome to super bowl media day. look at the crowd inside the superdome. it is the one day where characters and nfl players
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collide. >> here's what i'm thinking. we go into the ravens locker room. we replace all the hair gel with glue. >> that sounds good. >> now we're talking. now we're in, right? >> overnight star, katherine webb, the pageant queen, girlfriend of alabama quarterback, a.j. mckaren gets a credential. >> i'm in the media pit. i am being hounded by the media. so it's crazy. >> you are one of us and you are one of them. >> i'm playing both sides here. >> if you had to ask yourself a question, what would it be? >> if i could ask myself a question, i have no idea. try to find myself to get myself off this podium. >> at its core, over these two sessions is the game itself. >> anybody that had a brother close in age gets it, you know, you just grow up fighting for everything. you fight for the extra hot
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dog. you fight for girls. you fight for everything. >> indeed you do fight, you get one interview and you generally don't get the answer you're looking for. i'll give vern credit, ken and liz, he went after katherine webb and he got her. >> vern working it. >> dennis, we'll talk to you later, thanks. new developments tonight in the decades old search for kevin collins. investigators have zeroed in on a house just a block from where the boy vanished back in 1984. cbs 5 reporter, don knapp, on what they found. don. >> liz, many of us who covered this story of kevin collins, as the first really big case of a missing child. despite tremendous efforts, police and countous stories, the case revealed how frustrating a case could be of a missing child for everyone involved. police aren't saying why they
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renewed their search. cadaver dogs indicated there were bones not far from where kevin was last seen. >> the concrete was removed and several bones were located. the san francisco medical examiner's office did respond to evaluate the bones. at this time, under preliminary investigation, it's determined that the bones are believed to be of animal remain, not human remains. >> in february of 1984, kevin was last seen at a bus stop on his way home from basketball practice at st. agnus school. it was a first in a series of searches in the 80s and early 90s. he was supposed to have ridden home in a car with a coach. >> it was his brother's coach. maybe he felt like his brother wasn't there that night and he wasn't wanted. >> kevin's mother, ann collins, seen here, now tells cbs 5 the renewed investigation
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gives her the chills. witnesses at the time kevin disappeared say he was pushed into a car with two teenagers who had mohawk haircuts and the car quickly drove away. the man who lived in the house matched the description of a man talking to kevin. >> two men, two boys, they were together. he had a motorcycle business here and the other owned a restaurant. i associate with those two. >> you know their names? >> kelly and ken. i am saying they were investigated by the police that kevin was taken. they have a dog, a black dog, and they were taken to be questioned and let go. >> the fbi and the sheriff's office are working with san francisco police in this renewed investigation. >> i know you worked that case when it broke. did you ever think now, 30 years later, that the thing ever get solved? >> we thought they get solved
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soon and none of them ever did. it was terribly frustrating. >> don knapp, thank you very much. oakland's police chief says his officers are doing all they can to stop the recent rash of violence. but they need the public's help, too. cbs 5 reporter on their intensifying search for whoever shot an 8-year-old girl. >> everything turned upside down, it looks like. i don't know what's going on. people are going crazy. >> robert martinez lived in house house for 42 years. he says just recently, his neighborhood has started to feel like a war zone. he hears gun shots every day and innocent people like himself are becoming the victim. this past friday, his home was sprayed with bullets. this happened in the morning. yesterday, only a few houses down, an 8-year-old girl was shot just before 2:30 in the afternoon. police say this was a drive by shooting outside a family member's home. she was hit in the leg and taken to the hospital.
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>> this is terrible. it is really terrible for having a child shot like that over nothing. they don't care who they hurt. >> nobody at the house would talk to us, there was a car in the driveway with the back windows blown out. police are linking the gun violence to rival gangs. even officers have been targeted. one was shot in the leg friday while chasing a man. an undercover officer was also shot and injured on the 21st sitting in a car on seminary avenue. police addressed the shootings today. >> my officers are committed to the children and this community and our neighborhoods. we will catch the shooter and we are coming after you. >> martinez feels their on their own. >> would you like to police do? >> well -- >> are they doing enough? >> nothing. they are not doing anything. >> police have made no arrests in the shooting of that eight- year-old. that little girl is recovering
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at the hospital. they did, however, arrest suspects involved with the shooting of the police officers. in oakland, cbs 5. a private high school in vallejo is defending its decision to fire a football coach who reported a series of hazing incidents. st. patrick high school says varsity coach told them about the hazings before christmas break. the school won't go into details, it will only say they happened between varsity and jv players during unsupervised practices last fall. once the school investigated, it expelled five varsity players and fired the coach. >> doing your job and alerting your boss is what you're supposed to do. but in the end, failure to supervise the students create an atmosphere. we made the decision to terminate the coach. >> could the case be made that the other assistant coaches were not present and therefore, why are they still there and
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he's gone? >> well, it's not a committee. the coach is in charge. >> the school also contacted vallejo police, but so far, no one involved has come forward to file a report. president obama unveiled his plan for immigration reform today, saying now is the time to fix broken laws. cbs reporter introduces us to a california family who hopes the president is right. >> helps his mother at one of the family's two dry cleaners in southern california. >> do you feel like an american success story? >> i do. my parents have worked so hard and everything i am, everything my sister is, we owe to them. >> the family's immigration status is complicated. him and his sister were brought from mexico as children. president obama's deferred action program allows them to stay for work and school. their younger siblings were born in the u.s. their parents have been here illegally for 22 years. their father declined to appear
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on camera. they have earned a path to citizenship. >> i have my own business. i'm living here like an american citizen because i pay the taxes. >> jeff martin is with the federation for american immigration reform. a group that lobbies for strict immigration enforcement. >> they have been in the country breaking the law all that period of time and that should earn them no priority with regard to people who have been waiting outside the country. >> martin says allowing the coleen's to stay in the u.s. will be no more effective than stopping illegal immigration that a 1986 law that allowed 3 million illegal immigrants to apply for legal resident status. >> we've been here, like i said, for 22 years. is that the back of the line? what is the back of the line? >> the coleen family believes the political muscle hispanics showed at the polls will push democrats and republicans to pass immigration reform with a
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path to citizenship this year. bill whitticker, cbs news, los angeles. a rare and complicated double transplant gives a veteran the use of his arms. the amazing thing he can already make his fingers do. how studying to play steve jobs in a movie made ashton kutcher really sick. cbs 5 high definition doppler is dry tonight. find out how long the sunshine is going to stick around. your super bowl weekend forecast and when the rain is coming back. but first, how about some niners pictures? that guy is jacked up, so is his dog. [ male announcer ] citibank's app for ipad
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makes it easy for anne to manage her finances when she's on the go. even when she's not going anywhere. citibank for ipad. easier banking. standard at citibank. okay. [ male announcer ] with citibank's popmoney, dan can easily send money by email right from his citibank account. nice job ben. [ male announcer ] next up, the gutters.
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citibank popmoney. easier banking. standard at citibank. it sounds like science fiction. a soldier who lost both of his arms receives two new ones thanks to a ground breaking surgical procedure. cbs reporter, david martin, on the incredible real life double transplant. >> i will pretty much -- >> when brendan moved his arms today, he made medical history. >> i feel like i'm getting a second chance to start over after i got hurt. >> he was gesturing with transplanted arms. not prosthetic arms, but real arms from an unanimous donor who died. >> it feels amazing. it was something i was waiting for for a long time. now that it finally happened, i really don't know what to say because it's such a big thing for my life and it's just
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fantastic. >> his vehicle had been hit in iraq in 2009 by an iranian-made roadside bomb when severed his artery and tore off all four of his limbs. a team of 16 surgeons at john's hopkins university in baltimore performed the 13-hour surgery last month. before that, there had been only six successful double hand transplants and never anything like this. >> we knew arm transplant can help people, but we didn't know whether we could transplant so high up in the arm. >> his doctors predicted he will eventually be using his hands for just about everything. >> you know, i never really accepted the fact that i didn't have arms, so now that i have them again, it's almost like it never happened. it's like i went back four years and i'm me again. >> nobody will be watching
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brendan's recovery more closely than four other servicemen who have since joined him as survivors of quadruple amputations. david martin, cbs news, the pentagon. actor, ashton kutcher didn't mess around as he got into character to play the late steve jobs. he studied the late apple ceo so intensely, he adopted his famously radical diet. cbs 5 reporter tells us, it didn't set well with the hollywood star. kit. >> yeah, ashton kutcher e mersed himself in this role by eating nothing but fruits, nuts, and seeds for some time. it may have worked, but it sent him to the hospital in excruciating pain. >> your instinct wanted something that didn't exist. you just wheeled it into existence. >> to get ready for his role as steve jobs. ashton kutcher got into his head, heart, and stomach.
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kutcher studied for hours. mimicking his walking style. that is kutcher on the left with a little makeup. the resemblance is uncanning. today, we learn that kutcher took it to the extreme and went on one of job's all fruit diets. the actor became a fruitarian and paid the price. >> first, the diet is severe issues. i ended up two days before we started shooting the movie, it was like my -- i was like doubled over in pain. >> jobs died of pancreatic cancer and kutcher claimed eating all that fruit affected his pancreas as well. >> my pancreas levels were completely out of wac. which was really terrifying, considering everything. >> he could have caused some
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disruptions in his metabolism, in his digestive system, which apparently happened that caused him great pain and distress. >> the doctor, a nutritionist at san jose estate says that much fructose can deprive your body of knew nutrients. >> you are going to have stomach distress. you'll have a lot of gas. you'll have intestinal distress, and you may be spending more time in the bathroom. >> the good news for kutcher, there was no permanent damage. it's a cautionary tail that it is possible to get too much of a good thing. >> so, did it work? that's up for debate. the performance has been getting lukewarm reviews. the movie will be released in april. ken. going back to fast food right now, man, make myself feel better. kit doe, thank you for that. >> i don't think that's what they meant. we have been getting tons of photos of 49er fans. >> here we go, that is
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frankie. 49er from san mateo. doesn't look to sure about that helmet, but frankie, nice going. >> and here's riley, she is wearing one of grandpa's old shirts. >> and that's four-year-old matthew from union city. he says go niners. >> and finally, shine, jr., ten months old. his mom says he is super bowl bound. >> keep them coming. e-mail your photos to or upload them to our website. all right, only tuesday, but the bay area is fired up for the big game on sunday and it's actually good weather. so that's good, right? >> why not start the party outside from inside. watch the game, take it outside and celebrate when they win. got it all planned, just make sure you watch. cbs 5 is going to be where the game is. here's a peek of the radar, which has been so dry. who would have thought it would be one of the driest januaries ever in san francisco after we got so much rain after
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thanksgiving and early december. but nearly a drop around here tonight or for the next several days. clear skies, it is late january. it gets chilly. we'll stay above freezing, but be close. concorde 38 degrees. fremont 39. mountain view 49 degrees. why have we been so dry? it's been two large areas of high pressure. then these high pressure domes hang out for about a week. this one has been here for a couple days. it will be here for five or six more days. high pressure is sinking air. create cloud cover and rain fall. the opposite of that high pressure, you're not going to have anything. we'll stay dry and tomorrow, that northerly flow is cut off, so we get milder. it will stay that way through the weekend. all the way through super bowl sunday. we will stay dry because the high pressure dome will be close to us. temperatures climbing tomorrow, low 60s. that will be above average and
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it will be chilly at night. we'll stay above freezing. highs tomorrow, san jose 63. concorde 61. a couple degrees above what is normal. half-moon bay beautiful at the coastline, 61. shopping in downtown walnut creek along locust street, 62 degrees. 60 in mill valley. beautiful marin county. san francisco 59 degrees tomorrow. thursday, mid 60s. friday mid 60s. saturday, mid 60s. super bowl sunday, mid 60s again, even cloudier. rain chance, though, has crept into the forecast. next tuesday, looks like the dry streak will end. >> all right, move the tv's outside. enjoy it. >> as long as they are watching. >> coming up, super bowl ads are getting real. how you could start playing a starring role. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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they are playing a game sunday. >> yes, they are. >> called the super bowl. the big game will be more than a spectator sport this year.
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>> julie watts explains advertisers are using crowd sourcing to get fans involved. >> what do you think makes a good super bowl commercial? >> i think it has to be funny. >> something that relates to the common man. >> this year, the common man is playing a much larger role in the super bowl. from getting your photo in the pepsi halftime show to getting a retweet from a major advertiser or naming the budweiser clydes dale. consumers will vote on the end of coke's super bowl ad and star in homemade commercials. >> those are the best ones. >> it is called crowd sourcing and it's $4 million. consumer psychologist says the growing trend is more than a way for advertisers to save money. >> consumers today really want to be involved. consumers trust other consumers more than they do companies and so featuring consumers is the way to get closer to them. >> when it comes to real people, i can really relate. >> it makes them feel more
10:25 pm
real. >> a direct result of social media. allowing companies to cash in on consumers before, during, and after the game. >> it's an entire campaign. this is what i mean by involvement. consumers are involved well before the ad airs and they are involved afterwards and so when somebody buys time on the super bowl, really what they are buying is this extended period of involvement. >> the question remains. will crowd sourcing keep the estimated $111 million viewers in their seats? it depends on who you ask. >> it spikes my interest a bit more. >> i have no interest. i want the niners to win. i want to watch football. >> the warriors were without three of their starters tonight in cleveland and would the sharks comeback be enough to stay perfect on the season? the minute is next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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but did it matter...start t but did it matter...start t clock the sharks were outshot 30- 18 tonight against their southern california rivals. but it didn't matter. bruce, start the clock. patrick marlowe held without a goal for the first time this season. sharks down 2-1 with under 3 to go. scott goamedz leads, his shot just trickles by. ties the game. they would go to a shootout. 42-year-old, yes, he's still playing. the sharks remain undefeated. they are now 6-0 on the year. no andrew, no stef currie. clay thompson had six three's ask set a new career high. they finished the trip 2-2. >> he has 28. >> what was said in the locker
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room tonight knowing you were going to be shorthanded with key players? >> oh my god, the best in the world. oh my god. >> sports illustrated is reporting that ravens linebacker, ray lewis, used performance enhancing drugs to speed up his recovery after suffering a torn tricep. he denied the accusations at media day. >> one of those interesting super bowl phenomenons. never ceases to amaze. talk about it at 11:00. ,,,,

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